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Inet3270 for iOS is a TCP/IP TN3270E terminal emulator for use on iPAD devices with the following main features:

Support of multiple sessions running simultaneously.
Each session can be configured independently.
Session settings can be shared to other devices using email.
Different 3270 models are supported.
Using TCP/IP protocol. Direct or using SSL/TLS.
Color palette can be changed by the user.
Color for different field types is user definable.
Different code sets are available.
Custom code sets can be defined.
Different keyboard layouts can be selected.
Keyboard key usage can be changed by the user.
Keyboard and terminal screen are sizable and moveable.
Touchpad for easy marking and selection with cursor.
Printing to Air printer, PDF file or text file.
Screen printing and 3287 host printing are supported.
Comprehensive in-app help.

Contact information:
Telephone: +27 12 803 6501